Our Services

Climate Finance Solutions provides services for climate-related entities around the world, including the following:

• Securing non-dilutive funding, including public and philanthropic funding
• Mapping funding ecosystems and pursuing funding (including grant development and funder cultivation)
• Developing integrated fundraising strategies
• Supporting project and program development
• Undertaking business development
• Creating commercialization plans
• Developing strategic partnerships
• Supporting project implementation

How We Work

Why Work With Us

CFS has a strong track record of success, with its team having secured over $73M in grants and impact investment, leveraging over $20M in additional co-financing. CFS uses its interdisciplinary expertise, global perspective, and extensive network to serve a wide variety of clients on five continents, integrating project, technology, and business development with an advanced fundraising strategy. CFS implements a straightforward process with clear, consistent communication that provides confidence and transparency––and proven results. Many of our clients stay with us for months or years, using us as a valuable partner in the development of their technology, services, and enterprise.

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