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Our Services

We provide services for climate-focused companies and organizations around the world, including the following:

Securing large-scale grant funding, from multi-million- to multi-hundred-million-dollar awards

Mapping and helping clients navigate the grant funding ecosystem

Managing grants post-award, including financial, technical, and effort reporting


Designing and scoping projects and programs

Developing consortia and strategic partnerships, including funder engagement

Developing integrated fundraising strategies

Supporting technology roadmap development and commercialization/scaling planning

Supporting project and program implementation

How We Work

how we work 1

Map the funding ecosystem to identify the most appropriate and well-aligned funding opportunities for each individual client.

how we work 2

Design projects, secure partnerships, engage with funders, and apply for funding.

how we work 3

Secure funding, implement projects, and scale solutions.

Why Work With Us

CFS has the specialized expertise required to navigate the complex non-dilutive funding landscape and secure funding with a consistently high success rate. We manage the process from start to finish, allowing companies to focus on their core business activities. Our team’s deep technical background and experience commercializing climate tech gives us a unique ability to secure funding for solutions in any sector or industry vertical and support the design and development of highly technical and complex projects. We have a strong track record of success and leverage our interdisciplinary expertise, global perspective, and extensive network for clients on six continents.


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