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Climate Finance Solutions

We help companies and organizations access funding to develop and scale high-impact climate solutions

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Our Vision

Because our economic system does not properly account for climate externalities, nor appropriately value climate innovation, we believe that non-dilutive finance (such as grants from public and philanthropic sources) is critical to solving the climate challenge. Currently, the non-dilutive funding ecosystem does not efficiently allocate resources for the highest possible impact, nor meet the urgency of the crisis. CFS is actively working to improve this subsector and capitalize on this major opportunity to undertake high-leverage action to combat climate change. We strive to promote equity through the services we provide and within our own team.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

CFS secured over $4.7M in funding for All Power Labs––$3.2M in grant funding from the California Energy Commission for the development and deployment of our carbon negative biomass gasification technology and $1.5M in equity investment for the company. CFS’ CEO, Joel Armin-Hoiland, has individually secured more than $6.2 million in additional grant funding for All Power Labs––bringing his total raised for the company to over $10M in the last seven years. He provided APL with on-time, thorough, trenchant writing that would be an asset to any organization in need of grant funding, as well as technology, commercialization, and project development in the US and around the globe. Joel’s deep understanding of the economy of funders, broad knowledge of climate and its intersection with public policy, and excellent writing skills are highly recommended. Our recent contracts with Climate Finance Solutions to support the development of multiple  multi-million-dollar grant-funded projects has continued this tradition of providing high-quality, professional, and comprehensive work product. ​
-All Power Labs

Our small startup realized we were not in a position to win a competitive bid with a large company unless we had help wading through the enormous and highly technical application. CFS came highly recommended, and immediately organized the entire project and proposal, and integrated very well with our team. Not only did they edit the material that we generated, but they quickly understood the complexities of our technology and market, well enough to write much of the content for us. They were always very responsive, including by text, and guided us through the entire process. We ended up winning the $150,000 bid. We love working with CFS and feel lucky to have found them.

-Utility API

Seeking to bolster our development team’s internal resources, Bet Tzedek turned to CFS to help us respond to an RFP released by the US Department of Justice. CFS navigated the complex government requirements and quickly coordinated with our program and finance teams to craft the narrative and budget for this federal grant. The $500,000 award we received will have a significant impact on our client community. We have since used Joel and his team for other large state grants, totaling over $400,000. We appreciate their thoughtful and collaborative approach, their understanding of the labyrinth-like nature of government funding streams, and the consistently deft handling of unexpected challenges.
Bet Tzedek

CFS worked with us to successfully secure a $1.8 million grant from a leading food and agriculture-focused foundation, which will have a transformative impact on our organization. In addition to helping develop the proposal, CFS provided critical expertise and support in project design, organizational development, financial and fundraising strategy, and other critical activities that were essential to being able to win the large award. Working with CFS was easy and rewarding, with their clear and consistent communication and highly organized workflows. Their team is experienced, personable, and professional and we cannot recommend them enough.

-International Biochar Initiative

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